Capitol Theater Rehabilitation

This project consisted of rehabilitating and expanding a fire-damaged 1920′s-era stage and film theater in downtown Fall River. The theater is in the process of being placed on the National Historic Register, so emphasis was placed on sensitivity to historic character. The development of a new “performing arts complex” was desired, thus the program included additional theater space as well as support facilities, such as a scene shop, expanded lobby and ticket booth, and dressing rooms.

Materials: Graphite, Vellum
Software: AutoCAD, Google SketchUp, Google Earth, Revit

Fall River, MA
Design Studio IV
Robert Flanagan, Instructor
10 weeks (Feb 10 – Apr 10)



Capitol Theater entrance c.1940


Rehabilitation phased master plan


Capitol Theater Complex ground floor


Capitol Theater Complex mezzanine/second floor


Capitol Theater Complex sections


Capitol Theater Complex perspective massing


Capitol Theater Complex interior view